Ziman - a holistic service to safetyfy your physical world and virtual world.

Be it verifying the AADHAAR identity of your domestic help or protecting your mobile phone from virus. Finding your lost phone or tracking your loved ones. Finding the nearest emergency aid or calling for an SOS help. Ziman does it all.

"Yeh Aapki Raksha Karega"

Personal Safety

  • Quick trigger with safety button for emergency assistance
  • SMS to 3 emergency contacts on alert
  • Emergency Maps
  • Records forensic evidence in threat situations
  • Safe Connect - Tracking (Handset 2 Handset& Wearable )
  • 24x7 Safety Officer’s emergency assistance
  • 24x7 Command Centre Support

Handset Safety

  • Delete personal data in lost mobile phone to stop misuse
  • Track your lost mobile phone
  • Create back up of your contacts and SMS to avoid loss
  • Remote Lock. Protects un-authorized access to lost mobile phone
  • Checks the security level of all installed Apps
  • Protects the lost mobile phone from factory re-set /formatting
  • Immediate intimation when a new SIM is inserted in stolen handset
  • Captures image of the intruder who tries to unlock your device

Digital Safety

  • Protect identity theft /leakage of personal details
  • Stops spyware, malware and phishing
  • Real time scanning against anti virus
  • Fully loaded internet security for online working

Kids, Pets and Senior Citizen Safety

  • Tracking of kids when they go out of home
  • Monitoring of Senior Citizens when they are out of home
  • Quick trigger safety button for medical emergencies
  • Restricts access to apps and unwanted websites on mobile phone
  • Geo fencing your kids for better safety


  • Do instant AADHAAR verification of house help, driver, etc
"Yeh Aapki Raksha Karega"